New York NCS
Evangeline Balaskas

Sales Executive

I strive to build connection and trust with my clients through respect, commitment, and going the extra mile--it’s in my DNA to do so.


Evangeline serves as Sales Executive for Commonwealth Land Title's New York National Commercial Services (NCS) operation. Joining the NCS in 2020, she has 30 years of sales experience in commercial and residential real estate. Evangeline is currently authoring a book about her real estate journey and mentoring others entering the industry. She was awarded third top real estate salesperson in Queens and has won high level awards for ten consecutive years. Her motto is “People don’t care that you know, till they know that you care.”

Evangeline has a BA degree in political science and minored in business and economics. She is a grandma, mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, and co-worker with a fondness for hiking up mountains filled with bears and getting lost! Evangeline has a cat named Rose and a dog named Zeus, and enjoys a good cup of coffee along with a slice of pecan pie covered in whipped cream.